Agas FW X8

Agas FW, our latest breakthrough, is capable of flying missions surpassing the one hour mark. Fully operational and efficiently battery powered, the aircraft can cope with tasks and missions that require medium endurance and complexity. Due to its light build and component weight  reduction, the Agas FW is the perfect choice for operations where urban endurance is vital.

Agas FW X8 ver02.pdf


Agas MP Tethered

A robust and heavy duty tethered hexacopter that fits for extreme outdoor operation. The aircraft was designed to be airborne for long hours and suitable for high endurance task which makes it a complete tool for everyday monitoring, inspection or any static aerial operation.

Agas MP Tethered.pdf


Agas MR Quadcopter

Propelled by four heavy duty propellers and exclusively integrated by our engineering
team, this aircraft managed to perform beyond any standard version of its own category. By reducing the redundant materials and components, Agas MR Quadcopter can easily airborne and perform longer flight duration thus resulting an effective yet informative flight mission.

Agas MR Quadcopter.pdf



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