All-In-One, Unified Threat Management appliance.

About NC2.VPN+

NC2.vpn+ is an all-in-one, Unified Threat Management appliance. Major features include a VPN, Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Traffic Shaping and packet logs monitoring; just to name a few. NC2.vpn+ is the easiest way to secure your public Internet connection by detecting, encrypting and shielding your online activities from Cybercriminals and your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

NC2.vpn+ utilizes military-grade encryptions & PKI certificate management to secure critical data and resources, preventing and mitigating network attacks. NC2.vpn+ establishes a flexible route-based VPN, when sending sensitive and real-time mission critical data to protect national security. All of our features and custom algorithms are built in-house and proudly homegrown in Malaysia.

NC2.vpn+ is well-suited for a wide range of clients, from your everyday mobile smartphone to large corporations and Government agencies. Enjoy a holistic Network Security Solution with our flexible configurations, reporting and management tools in an intuitive GUI with NC2.vpn+ today!